The Haber Process

Simple Haber Process summary, sorry for any faults :)

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The Haber process (a reversible reaction done on a large
scale which makes ammonia from hydrogen and nitrogen)
Why is it done/ why do they want the ammonia?
Because it is useful and used in many things:
Household cleaners
Raw materials (the ingredients):
Hydrogen : you obtain this through reacting natural gas and steam together or cracking long
Nitrogen: you get this from the air because the air is about 80% nitrogen
Pressure = 200 atmospheres as they need a high pressure, but not so high that they would have to
built a really expensive plant that would withstand the pressure
Temperature= 450 degrees. This is because even though it is an exothermic reaction which means
that the yield is lower, it means the reaction is quicker
Catalyst= Iron. Very important because it makes the reaction go faster, this gets it to the
equilibrium position quicker. Without the catalyst the temperature would be raised even further to
make the reaction quicker, which would reduce the % yield.
The process (in brief) :
1) The Nitrogen and Hydrogen react together in the reaction vessel
2) The mixture is cooled, the ammonia turns to liquid and collected
3) Excess hydrogen and nitrogen (because it is reversible) used again. RECYCLED

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