The Erl King Quotations to learn

Quotations on the Erl-King to learn

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Quotations to learn `The Erl King'
"magic lasso of inhuman music"
"diatonic spool of sound"
"an excellent housewife" , "spick and span"
The Erl-King will do you grievous harm."
"skin the rabbit he says, off come all my clothes!"
"what big eyes you have"
"I lie at the mercy of his huge hands"
`the wood swallows you up...once you are inside it, you must stay
there until it lets
you out again.'
`the robin, the friend of man, in spite of the wound in his breast
from which Erl-King stole his heart.'
`He could thrust me into the seed-bed...'
Description of the "chickweed...nutmeg...blewits...chanterelle."
He is a "tender butcher"
"eat me, drink me"
His touch "both consoles and devastates"
"the owl was a bakers daughter"
"in his innocence" (innocence motif repeated consistently)


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