Bloody Chamber notes

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  • The Bloody Chamber
    • The Bloody Chamber
      • I'm sure I want to marry him
      • My little nun has found the prayer books, has she
      • into that dreadful place
      • that face lay underneath this mask
      • it must have been my innocence that captivated him
      • my eagle-featured, indomitable mother
      • hIs castle. The faery solitudeof the place
      • put a single, irreproachable bullet through my husbands head
      • and I longed for him, and he disgusted me (irony)
      • 'she bare as a lamb chop'
    • The snow child
      • I wish I had a girl as red as blood
      • Midwinter - Invincible - Immaculate. pathetic fallacy, immaculate reflects the snow and the untouched virgin.
      • White skin, red mouth, black hair
      • He thrust his virile member into the dead girl
      • She was the child of his desire and the countess hated her
    • The Tigers Bride
      • My father lost me to The Beast at Cards
        • My master's sole desire is to see the pretty young lady unclothed, nude without her dress
      • The lamb must learn to run with the Tigers
      • How pleased I was to see I struck the beast to the heart
    • The Erl King
      • It is easy to lose yourself in these woods..
      • eyes are quite green...too much looking at the wood. ...there are some eyes that can eat you.
      • 'He is an excellent housewife.'
      • The Erl-King will do you grievous harm."
      • skin the rabbit    
      • What big eyes you have    
    • The Courtship of Mr Lyon
      • Mr and Mrs lyon walk in the garden
      • 'Miss Lamb, spotless, sacraficial'


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