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Identify strengths and weakness and areas where improvement could be made next time.
I certify that the work submitted for this assignment is my own.
Signed: H.…read more

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Long term Effects of exercise on the skeletal system
Some exercises such as running can make the bone density increase which can prevent osteoporosis
which is a bone wasting disease which is common in most women. The skeleton is able to hold more
minerals that make the bones stronger. There will be an increased amount of synovial fluid in the
joints protecting the bones from wearing away.…read more

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Different training methods can have an effect on the body's aerobic or anaerobic systems.
Some methods of training will have different impacts on the bodies systems because they
aim at working different systems. Some of these types of training include:
Interval training
Interval training is using exercises with rest periods inbetween. It can improve the aerobic system
because the exercise should be longer than one minute and it is not a sudden burst of maximum
effort.…read more

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Gradual increase of
intensity in this type of training will also cause the muscle to become stronger.
Aerobic endurance training
This type of training works the heart and lungs. This makes the heart hypertrophy and become more
efficient in gaseous exchange. Cardiovascular fitness and respiratory system will improve with long
term training because the heart will need to pump more oxygen breathed in and the amount breathed
in would have increased.…read more

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Effects of reversibility on the Respiratory system
When training stops the respiratory system will become less efficient in gaseous exchange. This is
because there is a decrease in the demand of oxygen so the body doesn't have to work as hard in
supplying it to the muscles/ body.
Effect of reversibility on the skeletal system
During training the skeleton becomes stronger and density increases due to the amount of minerals in
the skeleton. After training the skeleton will return to its normal density before training.…read more


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