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The endocrine system

Hormones are molecules secreted by an endocrine gland directly into the body. They act as
chemical messengers carrying a signal from the endocrine gland to a specific target organ or

The endocrine system
another communication system in the body
uses blood circulation to transport its signals…

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Many target cells together form a tissue

There are two types of hormones:
Protein and peptide hormones - (insulin and glucagon), and derivatives and of amino
acids- (adrenaline)
Steroid hormones ­ (sex hormones)
These hormones work in different ways
proteins are not soluble in the phospholipid membrane and do…

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Increase heart rate
Cause general vasoconstriction to raise blood pressure
Stimulate conversion of glycogen to glucose
Dilate the pupils
Increase mental awareness
Inhibit the action of the gut
Cause body hair to erect
The adrenal cortex
uses cholesterol to produce certain steroid hormones
roles in the body:
Mineralocorticoids (e.g. aldosterone)…


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