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Interpretations of why the Cold War Ended


The end of the Cold War, it can be argued, was the result of the
worsening economic situation in the USSR. Because of this,
Soviet leaders were forced to seek negotiations with the US on
arms reduction as they could no longer…

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him against it, and Reagan refused to give up SDI (he was
"deeply committed" to it).

Sub reason: Magaret Thatcher

It can be argued that Thatcher played an important role as an
uncompromising supporter of Reagan. She and Reagan had the
same of the Cold War, viewing communism as an…

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govern, leading the pressure to end Communist rule in the USSR
and Eastern Europe. The Polish revolution, fuelled by the illegal
trade union group Soldarity, led other countries to follow suit.
These were a response to the failing economies of the USSR and
the years of economic hardship they had…


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