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1. Why did China enter the Korean War?
The UN forces moved closer to the Yalu River
The Chinese became increasingly concerned about their own security against attack from the USA
and its allies
China's new Communist government was alarmed at the USA's new desire to roll back communism

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The USA began to view Chiang Kai Shek as a useful bulwark against the further encroachment of
communism in the region
The advance of communism in China in 1949, followed so quickly by the war in Korea, turned the
French actions in Indochina into a crucial part of the struggle…

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MacArthur's warmongering was beginning to cause tension between himself and Truman. His
demands and attitudes amounted to insubordination. Truman sacked the general in April 1951 and he
was replaced by General Matthew Ridgway
Heavy fighting at the frontline led US newspapers to raise the issue of US casualties
Public opinion…

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It also marked a significant escalation in the Cold War and established a trend towards the principle
of limited war
Establishing the unwritten rule of the deliberate limitation of the scale of warfare was to be an
important consequence of the war
The Korean War had a similar impact on…


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