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Marucha- punch biopsy
· Poor population validity- only studied students so
effects can't be generalised to other populations
· Unethical- caused harm to participants as they were
given an injury
· Some students summer holidays may be more
stressful than exam periods…read more

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Fischer- astronauts
· Low population validity- only studied astronauts so
results can't be generalised to other populations as
most people wouldn't experience this type of stress
· Confounding variable- the effects on the immune
system could be due to weightlessness experienced in
space…read more

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Kiecolt-glaser- killer T cells
· Population validity- only studied exam stress, people
may react differently to other types of stressors, so
results can't be generalised to all types of stressor…read more

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Segerstrom and Miller- meta analysis
· Good population validity- used large range of
participants and stressors. This means that results
are more likely to be able to be generalised to other
populations and stressors…read more

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Kiecolt-glaser-marital arguments
· Good ecological validity- studied real couples who had
real arguments. This means that results can be
generalised to real life situations.…read more

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