The current Supreme Court justices

This includes who appointed them, whether they are 'liberal', 'conservative' or swing and their ethnic background...

Hope this is helpful [this is accurate as of 1/6/12]

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Current Supreme Court Justices... [1/6/12]
Name (M/F) Ethnicity/religion Appointed by... `liberal'/'conservative'
John Roberts* (M) White/Roman Catholic George W. Bush `conservative'
Antonin Scalia (M) White/Roman Catholic Ronald Reagan `conservative'
Anthony Kennedy (M) White/Roman Catholic Ronald Reagan `swing justice'
Clarence Thomas (M) African American/Roman Catholic George H. W. Bush `conservative'
Ruth Bader Ginsburg (F) White/Jewish Bill Clinton `liberal'
Stephen Bryer (M) White/Jewish Bill Clinton `liberal'
Samuel Alito (M) White/Roman Catholic George W. Bush `conservative'
Sonia Sotomayor (F) White/Roman Catholic Barack Obama `liberal'
Elena Kagan (F) White/Jewish Barack Obama `liberal'
*Chief Justice


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