The Cosmological Argument - the Key points

A summary sheet of the key points of the Cosmological Argument for AS Philosophy of Religion (AQA Religious Studies) 


- The premises of the Cosmological Argument

- Aquinas' Cosmological argument (the 3 ways)

- The Kalam Cosmological Argument (William Lane Craig - potential/actual infinite)

- Liebniz's Sufficient reason

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The Cosmological Argument

The Argument Premises:
P1 ­ Everything that exists has a cause of its existence (our experience of cause and effect)
P2 ­ The Universe exists
P3 ­ The Universe has a cause of its existence (because its cause cannot be infinite therefore must have a first

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Contingent being (natural world) ­ cannot cause themselves because ultimately they rely on a necessary being to cause them
into existence

Because contingent beings DO exist in the Universe (the natural world, e.g. us humans) than God must exist as a necessary
being who is self-causing and non-contingent to have…

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