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Cosmological Argument and Religious Experience Past Papers
May 2013

The cosmological argument

a) Explain the following aspects of Aquinas' cosmological argument:

its basis in observation
the rejection of infinite regress. (30 marks)

b) `The cosmological argument provides no proof for the existence of God.' To what extent do you agree?…

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Jan 2012

The Cosmological argument

a) Explain Aquinas' cosmological argument with particular reference to:

God as the first mover
God as the necessary being. (30 marks)

b) `The cosmological argument proves that God exists.' How far do you agree? (15 marks)

Religious experience

a) Examine the main characteristics of visions…

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`Only those who have had a religious experience can fully understand what a religious experience is.' Assess
this claim. (15 marks)

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Commentary from Examiner

AO2 (15 marks)

This evaluation question is taken from the Specification directly and so should be very accessible to candidates. This
candidate demonstrates the problem of getting into the answer and so wastes a paragraph by virtually writing out
the question.

The second paragraph has a clear…


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