The Company Of Wolves

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The Company of Wolves
A huntsman daughter goes is told to go and visit her grandmother, and take a
basket of food, this is a new-ish concept to the girl as she has lead a
sheltered life. On her way to seeing her grandmother, a man appears to her
and says that he would race her to her grandmother's house all for a kiss if he
wins. The man beats the girl to the house and kills the grandmother, so when
the girl arrives he is waiting for her; the company of wolves are all waiting
around the house. The girl sensing the danger she is now in switches roles to
be one that uses her sexuality to overpower the wolf, which is done through
the use of questions as to where her clothing should go. After this she
becomes the dominant character over the wolf, and to a degree tames him,
through her use of sexuality and is therefore able to survive an otherwise
doomed situation.
One beast and only one howls in the woods by night
Congregation of nightmare
You are always in danger in the forest
Mourn their own condition
Children do not stay young for long in this savage country
Unbroken egg
The forest closed upon her like a pair of jaws
The grandfather clock ticks away her eroding time
Howling as if their hearts would break
She knew she was nobody's meat
What should I do with my blouse?
Lay his fearful head on her lap
In granny's bed between the paws of the tender wolf
Possible Question topics and bullet point answer
Use of Gender
Begins with the typical sweet and innocent but is able to transform to
save her own life, male seen as the evil character
The replacement of the old
The Grandmother is killed, and then a new younger character brought
into the house and therefore her role.

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Title: the Company of Wolves
Suggests that this story though based on little red riding hood is
actually hinting at what it is like for females to go out into the world and
immediately be in danger from the men and the traps that they lay for them.
How does the company of wolves explore ideas of masculinity?
Dominant male characters which though are presented as evil are also
seen to be partly victimised by their role which they are trapped within.…read more

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