The Bloody Chamber quotations - Company of Wolves

A mindmap to help remember quotations for Company of Wolves - Angela Carter. Will help with the closed book exam on Gothic Elements.

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She threw her
Strong-minded child She is an unbroken egg,
she is a sealed vessel
Youngest of her family
She has a knife and is afraid of nothing
The girl burst out Sweet and soundly she sleeps in granny's bed
laughing: she knew between the paws of the tender wolf
When he had finished with her... she was nobody's
he found a clean pair of sheets meat
Grandmother's house
stood by itself
aged and frail
Grandmother Company of Wolves Region of mountain and forest
Bible lay closed on the table It is winter and cold weather
"A kiss"
The forest closed upon her
The wolf is slavering jaws, lolling like a pair of jaws
carnivore incarnate tongue, saliva on the
Werewolf grizzled chops
The eyes of wolves shine His feral muzzle is as sharp as a knife
like candle flames
This young man had a
remarkable object in his pocket


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