The company of wolves

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  • The Company of Wolves
    • 'the wolf carnivore incarnate'
      • 'throw it on the fire dear one you won't need it again'
      • 'old bones'
    • 'there is now nothing for the wolves to eat'
      • 'it was as red as the blood she must splill'
    • 'you are always in danger in the forest'
      • 'carnivore incarnate, only immaculate flesh appeases him'
    • 'cut off all his paws for a trophy'
      • 'she is an unbroken egg; she is a sealed vessel'
      • 'inside her a magic space the entrance to which is shut tight with a plug of membrane'
        • 'His genitals, huge. Ah! huge'
    • 'if you burn his human clothes you condemn him to wolfishness for the rest of his life.
      • 'a kiss'
    • 'she lays a carving knife in the basket her mother has packed with cheeses'
      • 'she had her hand on her knife at the first rustle of twigs'
      • 'she knew she was nobody's meat'
    • 'children do not stay young for long in this savage country'
      • 'she has a knife and she is afraid of nothing'
      • 'he licked his chops'
      • 'savage marriage ceremony'
    • 'her cheeks are an emblematic scarlet and white'
      • 'her father might forbid her, if he were home'
      • 'the wolf carnivore incarnate'
      • 'terrible clattering'


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