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The Decalogue

The Decalogue given by God to Moses on Mount Sinai was part of the covenant agreement
which set Israel apart from other civilisations. Allsop asserts that the moral significance of
these commandments are: "identified by Christians as containing central moral principles
which God wants human beings to observe."…

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intended to prevent the Israelites from using Yahweh's name to manipulate him and indeed
prohibited its use in hexing.

The commandment also prohibited the use of the name of God in oaths, both in court and in
society, to protect the sanctity of Yahweh's name as Chandran tells us: "God's…

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assassination was detrimental to justice and the upkeep of the law. However, Chandran tells
us the Jews were also "forbidden to spread baseless rumour or to assist the wicked by giving
malicious evidence." Therefore this commandment applied to all of society, not just a
courtroom. John Calvin supports this view…


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