Philosophy Essay Plan


Plan for Essay

a) Explain the Judaea Christian concept of God as a lawmaker and judge. (25)

b) "God has no right to judge human beings" Discuss (10)


Law Maker:

Many theists would see God as a lawmaker because he creates many laws in the Bible. In the old testament there are many strict specefic rules written for us to follow, but his key laws are in Exodus 20, The Ten Commandments where key rules such as "thou shall not commit adultery" are written. In Genesis 2, God tells Adam and Eve to not eat from the tree of good and evil which shows him personally telling humans to follow his rules. God is omscient so he knows what is good for us so he created good laws that we should follow. Because he is omnibenevolent, he would only create laws that are for the greater good of humans because he loves them.


Many would also see God as a judge because he throughout the Bible he judges mankind individually and as a whole for their wrong-doing. The earilest example is in The Fall where Adam and Eve disobey God by eating from the forbidden tree. God says "cursed the ground because of you" and tells Eve how she will be inferior to her husband and will experience painful child birth. Then he banished them from the Garden of Eden, forcing them into the dessert. This shows that even though God is omnibevolent, he still punishes us for disobeying his laws. He judges us for our actions because if we sin we go to hell and if we obey our duty to love him we go to heaven. Noah's ark is another example of where God judged us. He wiped out the entire human race apart from Noah's family by flooding the earth because he belived they were all sinners.


Many would say


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