The Bloody Chamber - The Erl King - Key Quotes

These are the quotes that I have selected from the texts - maybe I got a bit carried away since there are quite a few - but they all seem pretty important. This is with a Gothic context in mind.

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The Erl-King - Quotes
`The lucidity, the clarity'
`Perfect transparency must be impenetrable'
`vertical bars of a brass-coloured distillation of light'
`grey clouds that bulge with more rain... nicotine stained fingers'
`leaves glittered'
`a cold day of late October'
`cold oozed'
`lancinating cold of the approach of winter that grips hold of your belly and squeezes it tight'
`not yet, not quite yet, the saddest time of the year'
`a haunting sense of the imminent cessation of being'
`introspective weather'
`the woods enclose'
`the wood swallows you up'
`once you are inside it, you must stay there until it lets you out again for there is no clue to
guide you through in perfect safety'
`like taffeta skirts of women'
`hunt around hopelessly for the way out'
`little stream'
`the silent, blackish water thickens, now, to ice. All will fall still, all lapse.'
`she will be trapped in her own illusion because everything in the wood is exactly as it seems'
`the woods enclose and then enclose again'
`perspective of the woods changed endlessly'
`the imaginary traveller walking towards an invented distance that perpetually receded
before me'
`It is easy to lose yourself in these woods.'
`the two notes of the song of a bird rose on the still air'
`the ferns have curled up their hundred eyes'
`the cold winds that always heralds your presence, had I but known it then, blew gentle
around me, I thought nobody was in the wood but me.'
`Erl-King will do you grievous harm'
`again the call of the bird... desolate... from the throat of the last bird alive.'
`That call... went directly to my heart.'
`perspectives converged upon a darkening clearing'
`occupants waiting for me'
`endless patience of wild things'
`It was a garden... all the flowers were birds and beasts'
`huge, helmeted crows'
`crouching at his feet' `laid its head upon his knee' `watch him' `peer at him'
`he knew I had arrived.'
`He smiles'
`He lays down upon me his irrevocable hand.'

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His eyes are quite green, as if from too much looking at the wood.'
`There are some eyes that can eat you'
`What does he eat? Why, the bounty of the woodland!'
`spring up... in lightless places and thrive on dead things'
`unsustained by nature, existing in a void.'
`he came alive from the desire of the woods'
`he will not touch the brambles, he says the Devil spits on them at Michaelmas'
`the old ones [grass snakes] open their mouths wide ...…read more

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But in his innocence he never knew he might be the death of me'
`Erl-King would do me grievous harm.'
`all the strings are broken so you cannot play it.'
`lullabies for foolish virgins...the birds don't sing, they only cry because they can't find their
way out of the woods'
`the robin... Erl-King tore out his heart.'
`Lay your [Erl-King] head on my knee'
`I shall strangle him with them.'
`Then she will open all the cages and let the birds free...…read more


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