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1. Why, by 1921, did both sides decide that negotiations
were needed?

By the end of 1920, Lloyd George was profoundly aware of the growing
unpopularity of the Anglo-Irish war in GB, and that the military force
needed to suppress Ireland would not be…

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Home Rule was no longer viable for Irish Nationalists
Roy Foster re Government of Ireland Act: `essentially constructed to solve
the Irish problem as it stood in 1914 but not 1920' ... too little too late!

3. What was partition?

The Irish population was roughly divided into Irish Nationalists in…

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The British Government had an advantage in the talks (PM dominated the
talks) due to misunderstandings amongst the Irish leaders and confusion
over the Irish delegates' status
o On one hand they were described as plenipotentiaries (people who
had the full power and authority to represent their government)
meaning that…

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o Lloyd George managed to persuade the Irish delegates to accept the
idea of a Boundary Commission and led them to believe that its
eventual recommendations would be so critical of Ulster's resent
boundaries that, if carried out, the Northern Ireland into line over
this proposal.
The powers of the…


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