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The Amish
History of the Amish

In Europe, in the early 16th century the catholic Christians had a powerful influence over people's daily lives .It was
also a period of conflict between different groups of Christians.

In Switzerland, one of these groups was led by a man called Jacob Amman.…

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a life of 'goodness', rather than a life of intellect;
life as a spiritual activity;
wisdom, rather than technical knowledge;
community welfare, rather than competition;
separation from, rather than integration with, modern worldly society;
non-resistance - seeking peaceful resolution to conflicts

How is order maintained

There are around 200,000 Amish,…

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The Amish worship in their houses, and take it in turns to host worship. They believe that they, the people are the
church therefore they don't need a church building. A 3 hour service takes place every Sunday and is followed by
a meal.

Hymns are sung and are led…


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