Revision Techniques

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  • Revision
    • Mind Maps
      • Use colour for different links
        • Add pictures if a visual leraner
    • Flash cards
    • Past papers
      • Exam questions in the area that you are struggling
        • Different colours - one colour without notes; another colour when self marked to highlighted areas that you need to revise more
    • With friends
      • Create quizzes and make then fun
    • Key words and definitions
      • Different colours to keep the brain engaged
    • Practice a skill
    • Re write notes
      • Different colours for different sections
      • Cribsheets
    • Videos
      • Make notes
      • Practice
    • Read through notes
      • Highlight key words / phrases
    • Research Artists
    • Posters
      • Different coloured paper for different subjects
        • Different places of your house
    • Textbook
    • Revision Guides
      • Approved by the exam board
    • Rote learning
      • Repetition
    • Attend revision classes
    • Attend subject talks
    • Timeline


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