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The Vikings
·Exam Revision…read more

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· Varying groups of Scandinavian
· They took various voyages both East
and West for numerous factors
· AVOID popular tropes and beliefs
regarding the Viking people
· Described as tall, muscular, warrior
*These sources come from other people, not the Vikings themselves…read more

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· The Vikings skills and achievements were vast despite their
opposition branding them as villainous barbarous warriors
· Raider­ raiding villages/monasteries then returning home with
the spoils
· Traders ­ trading throughout all of Europe. i.e Helgo Treasure
· Settlers ­ Migrating to new places for various factors
· Conquerors/Kings ­ Conquering villages and towns and settling
· Mercenaries ­ Offering their skills in varying places, working and
settling wherever they are needed…read more

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· Vikings often attacked and raided monasteries due to their wealth and ease of
surrender/ease of victory
· Settled many towns throughout Britain, focusing more on coastal areas at first
(naval power) eventually spanning further inland
· Evidence suggests Vikings traded throughout the entirety of Europe, with
Buddhist & Islamic treasures etc. found in Viking areas
· Vikings towns ended in: by, -keld, -kirk, -ness
-thorpe, -thwaite…read more

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· The Vikings spanned from the 8c. - 11c
· Groups from Scandinavia began migrating to other
places in Europe, getting grouped together as `the
· However there were many differing groups involved in
this mass migration with motives differing across them
all, also motives differed depending on the time of
migration…read more

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Why? ­ Pull Factors
· Wealth and Trade throughout
Europe ­ Locations of monasteries
· Easy early victories ­ Monks didn't
fight back, under-estimated
· Seabourne so had little to lose
· Blood lust ­ Eager to fight and
· Pagan Crusade?…read more

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