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The Age of Exploration
By Lee Lambert…read more

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Today, people are aware of the remotest
corners of the world. But hundreds, of
years ago, many did not know that
countries apart from their own even
existed.…read more

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Exploration in the 6 Century
In the 6th century, the Irish Saint Brendan is
said to have sailed across the Atlantic in
search of a land promised to saints.…read more

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Exploration in the 11 Century
Turkish Muslims had been controlling the overland
trade route between Europe and the Indies (the
Far East-now East Asia) since the 11th century.
They charged such high prices for Eastern
goods that European merchants became eager
to find a direct sea route to the Far East which
would bypass the Turks. The sailors who
searched for these routes found the Americas
and other land previously unknown to
Europeans.…read more

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Exploration in the 15 Century
It was not until the early 15th Century that
strong seaworthy ships were developed
and Europeans such as Christopher
Columbus were able to explore in earnest.…read more

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Disastrous Discoveries
Of course, many people already lived in
most of these "newly discovered" lands,
and the results of these explorations were
often disastrous. All too often, the new
arrivals exploited and enslaved the native
peoples, destroying their cultures.…read more

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