Tet Offensive summary table

A summary table of the Tet Offensive looking at the results/effects of the Tet on both the USA and Vietcong/North Vietnam, as well as evidence for or against whether the Tet was a turning point

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What were the results/effects of the Was the Test Offensive a Turning
Tet Offensive? point?
United States North Vietnam / Vietcong For Against
Tet forced Johnson to withdraw from the The Communists had suffered grievous In military terms, it was a victory for Tet was not a victory for either side
1968 Presidential election losses. It took Hanoi several years to get the US
over this great effort
After Tet, Johnson rejected demands that Death: VC 48%, NVA 24% March 1968: President Johnson was South Vietnam did not rise up to support
200,000 more US troops to be sent to told by his Secretary of defence that in the North as expected
Vietnam his opinion the US could not win the
war and recommended a negotiated
withdrawal. Later that month, the
President told the American people on
national TV that he was reducing air
raids in the North and intended to seek
a negotiated peace
Deaths: 2% of the whole people involved Due to the Vietcong being irretrievably The Tet offensive resulted in a Secretary of Defence, Robert
in Tet weakened by the Tet offensive, the NVA decisive defeat and Virtual destruction McNamara resigned in 1967. This is
could no longer conduct a guerrilla type of the VC ­ after this point, the war considered to be a bigger turning point
war and had to change its strategy to was primarily fought by the NVA.
conventional invasion
US lost faith in their ability to fight battles Vietcong unit attacking US embassy The Tet offensive convinced most Tet was a military victory for the US ­
killed Americans that the war had to be politicians and the media made it into a
ended ASAP, otherwise it would go on greater turning point than it was
for years.
American's felt misled by the media Tet exposed PAVN/PLAF forces to Tet offensive was the largest battle up
direct enemy fire to this point & the 1st to be fought in
both towns and cities
Cronkite ­ `I thought we were winning the Lack of civilian support ­ failed to get the Took NV several years to be recover ­
war' South Vietnamese to abandon their However compare to the point that the
government NV attacked the US 2 times in 68
US army regarded Tet as a victory, the North Vietnamese leaders saw Tet as a US confidence was shaken ­
media didn't failure Westmoreland was a broken man
Nixon promised to end the war ­ North Vietnamese Army were able to LBJ's public approval rating severely
ultimately resulted in his Presidential attack the US army twice more in 1968. affected
On 1st November 1968, operation
rolling thunder ceased and failed to
achieve any of its 4 objectives

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