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Taxonomy Class ­ group of similar orders
Order ­ group of similar genera
Taxonomy is the study of sorting living Genera ­ group of closely-related organisms
organisms into groups. Species ­ a group of organisms that share
It can also be referred to as classification characteristics, and can breed and produce
structure. fertile offspring.
The Reasons for classifying animals: King
The easiest method of classification is to look Philip
for what organisms have in common, or the Came
difference between them. Over
For example, you could look at similar body From
parts or evolutionary relationships. Germany
Evolutionary Relationships:
This is where they are studied for similarities Linnaeus' Binomial Naming System:
at a molecular level and not a physical This uses Latin as a universal language.
level. Each organism is given two names, using the
genus and species name.
This can be done by comparing proteins The main two advantages of this Binomial
and DNA present in the different organisms. naming which are;-
- gives each organism its own name
Classification: - shows us that organisms care closely
The classification system that we relay on related.
today relies on similar organisms being - For example, Panthera leo, Panthera
classified close together and dissimilar one tigris and Panthera pardus.
Therefore, dividing these groups is THE FIRST LETTER OF THE SPECIES
hierarchical in nature. NAME IS ALWAYS LOWER CASE*
This means that dividing large groups into Rules:
smaller ones, such as the animal kingdom There are 4 rules to this system of naming.
into vertebrates to dogs to cocker spaniels. - genus name comes before the
Carl Linnaeus devised system of grouping species name
organisms according to their similarities. - species starts with a small letter
Each level of his hierarchical system is - both names are in italics
called a taxon. For example, the kingdom is - only abbreviate after the name has
the highest taxon and a species is the been written out in full first.
smallest taxon.
Kingdom ­ the largest grouping
Phylum ­ group of similar classes


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