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List of 27 years and events which happened in Surgery - c1500 - to the present day- GCSE Edexcel History Surgery.. Please rate and comment on any events and Dates missing. :)

I also found another timeline with different and more detailed surgical events :) =

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1575 ­ Ambroise Pare published his work

1799 ­ Humphrey Davy noticed that laughing gas dulled pain

1818 ­ James Blundell performed the fist human to human blood

1840 ­ Samuel Lane performed the first whole blood transfusion
but was unsuccessful as antiseptics and blood groups were not

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1878 ­ Koch identified the bacterium that causes blood poisoning
and this helped to convince many people that Lister was right &
that microbes do cause infections.

1878 - Koch developed the steam steriliser

1880 ­ All operating theatres & hospitals were being cleaned a lot

1884 ­ Cocaine used…

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1942 ­ Curare first used as a muscle relaxant

1943 ­ Artificial kidney machines

1953 ­ Heart-lung machines

1967 ­ First heart transplant by the surgeon Christiaan Barnard


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