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Medicine Timeline
Throughout the ages…read more

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Pre-history up ·Very little evidence remains
from this time ­ cave paintings,
to 3000bc skulls
·No written language-> lack of
communication hindered
·Used supernatural beliefs to
cure medicine: Trepanning get
rid of evil sprit -> low survival
·Public health not need -> no
big cities
·Used herbal remedies, charms,
prayers and spells to help them.
·Technology-> made stone or
Individuals bone tools to do trepanning on
Medicine men powerful in tribes. skulls
Dealt with the evil spirits. Woman ·Most remedies were probably
had to learn from mothers about come across by chance
how to take care of their families.…read more

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Settled around the river Nile. Knew crops
Ancient Egypt grow around their. Thought body had
channels like Nile ( blocked channels =
3000BC ­ 400BC problems) Traded via the Nile came across
new ways to treat problems
·Believed heavily in spirits like Pre-historic.
Thought Gods like Thoth controlled their
life's. Illness was caused through evil sprits
entering the body.
·Developed form of writing so message
could be passed on -> Papyrus
·Successful agriculture provided spare
·Personal hygiene important to them. No
system provided by government. Evidence
of wells for clean water. Mosquito nets.
·Belief in after life lead them to
embalming. Involved them taking organs
out. Learnt more on anatomy. Hindered as
religion wouldn't let them go any further.
·Technology -> embalming tools ·Did minor operations + used willow bark
as an antiseptic
·Doctors specialized in certain fields.
·War led to new treatments for wounds…read more

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Ancient ·Greeks Believed in Gods-> Asclepius god
of healing. Had temple people went to.
Greece 800BC- Treated by doctors in the night.
·Prayers, charm, spells were carried out
400BC when operation was to take place. Wore
lucky charms.
·Emphasized balance in things. Four
humors. Blood, Phlegm, black bile, yellow
·Alexandria library-> Knowledge of
everything in one place. Traded via the
·War-> Conquered other areas and
brought ideas back to Greece. Movement
of army spread disease that no-one could
·Emphasized cleanliness and washing.
·Hippocrates-> Created Natural
Crete had advanced system of drainage
explanations, clinical observation and
and water supply to palace.
code of behavior (Hippocratic oath).
·Early public health systems destroyed
·Doctors following Hippocrates were
by earthquakes and had to be updated.
doctors not priests. Women could be
doctors.…read more

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Religion -> still believed in Gods. Couldn'
Ancient Rome t do human dissection. Galen's idea fitted
beliefs and made people less likely to
500BC -500AD challenge.
·More concerned on preventing disease -
> thought it came from bad air, sewage,
dirty water.
·Illnesses often treated with herbal
·War-> Adopted ideas from other
countries. Needed a healthy army to keep
·Doctors-> were mostly Greek. Men were
control. Amy spread roman ideas . Used
doctors and woman would provide care at
cauterisation on battle field and in rare
home. Some could be mid-wife's.
case amputation.
· Communication-> easier to spread ideas
· Public health-> built public baths,
on huge empire. Huge library of Alexandria.
latrines sewers, water fountains and
Galen wrote loads of books many survived
aqueducts. Built on health sites. Educated
fall of Rome.
people on important need for public
· Galen-> operated on gladiators. Human
dissections wasn't allowed. Gained all
· Technology -> Romans ability to build
knowledge from apes. So a lot of the
public health things -> lifting health
information was inaccurate (jaw & heart).
Wrote lots of books. Carried on Hippocrates
work. Lasted long time.…read more

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Catholic church dominated peoples life.
Middle Ages Galen's ideas around as agreed with their
religion. Thought God caused illness and he
500AD-1500 can cure it. Cured it through prayer, blessed
potion, whip yourself for punishment.
·Natural remedies based on four humors.
Monasteries provided treatment for sick.
Built up lots of knowledge. Vademecum
helped with diagnoses of illness.
·Black death killed of 1/3 of Europe in
1300s. Didn't know what caused it so
blamed it on: sinners, planets, foreigners,
dirty water & Bad air. Emergency measures
taken place to get streets clean -> fined
·Communication-> end of the middle ages
medical schools set up. Arab writers
translated books by Galen and Hippocrates.
Arabic ideas spread via the Crusades.
·Surgical knowledge from Greek and ·War-> led to destruction of what Romans
Roman time was ignored, apart from had learnt. Made traveling difficult. War did
Galen's theory. Did simple surgery's on get doctors to practice ideas (no new ideas).
people. Still had problems with blood loss, ·Public health-> Public health from Roman's
no anesthetic and infection. vanished. Building in ruins. Forgot about
importance of clean water. Medieval towns
were filthy.…read more

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