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When someone takes their own life…read more

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Reasons why a person would
commit suicide
Bullying- when someone is continuously made to
feel worthless they may prefer to be dead
Old Age- When a person is unable to live
independently, they may feel a burden and
choose to die
Bereavement- When a loved one dies, a person
may feel there is no point in living
Mental illnesses- The sufferer is unable to see
any hope
Addictions- Drugs, alcohol, gambling could all
cause debt…read more

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Christian attitudes
ALL Christians believe it is wrong to commit suicide- it goes
against the Commandment ` Do not murder' which includes
oneself, `You yourselves are God's temple, if anyone
destroys God's temple, God will destroy you' ( 1Corinthians)
In the past the Church condemned suicide, they thought it
was selfish as it caused family members pain- believed it
resulted in eternal damnation
Today most Christians are understanding towards the
reasons why people commit suicide- by understanding
Christians such as the Samaritans believe they can give
support and advice
Christians believe you should show compassion as it says in
the Bible `Show mercy to others and the Lord Himself will
have mercy on you' (Matthew 7)…read more

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Christian attitudes
God chooses when people are born and when
they die- ` The Lord gave and the Lord has taken
away' ( Job 1:21)- it is wrong for humans to think
they know better
Many Christians believe suffering brings you
closer to God- sharing in the suffering of Jesus
Some Christians believe God lets you suffer to
learn from it so suicide is the refusal to learn what
God teaches
Suicide is selfish- you leave loved ones who feel
pain or could even blame themselves for your
death…read more


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