Abortion and suicide.

Reasons for and against abortion. What is suicide and why people might commit suicide.

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Reasons for abortion - Mothers life is at risk

Cannot afford to pay for the baby

Mother may not be mature enough to handle a baby

Mother is too young or too old

Child may be handicapped

Reasons against abortion - Child benefits

Religious views

Abortion is like murder and is like killing someone

Taking the role of God as they are ending someones life

They can always put their kid in care so they can get fostered or adopted

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Suicide is the ending of one's life without the direct assistance or intervention of any other person.

Suicide is illegal in some countries and legal in others.

Unsuccessful suicide victims could be put in prison.

Reasons for suicide include:

Financial problems

Work or exam pressure

Depression, loneliness or mental health problems

Relationship or sexual problems

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It was forbidden for people who committed suicide to be buried in a Christian cemetery.

Most are offered help if they survive and are given a Christian burial if they survive.

The same happens in Judaism.

They believe in the sanctity of life. Human life has to be respected.

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