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June 2010
-Science Exams-

~B1B~Evolution and Environment
>>Adaptation for survival
>>How people affect the planet

Adaptation for survival
-An adaptation is a feature that enables an organism to survive in its habitat
- Allows animals and plants to live and cope with their habitat in…

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*When resources are limited, only the best adapted organisms will survive

A Weed's Properties
-grows quickly and flowers twice a year
-Resistant to a lot of weed killers
-grows quickly on bare soil
-roots produce chemicals that stop other plants from growing
-has deep roots which are…

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Process of Dolly the sheep

Now plants can be produced quickly and rather cheaply due to cuttings of older plants ­see GCSE purple
revision book. The plants produced from this have the same genetic information as the parent plant,
inheriting useful characteristics e.g. flower colour, scent and number of…

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>>Genetic Engineering
When the body cannot make a specific protein, a disease is often the result like diabetics cannot produce
sufficient amounts of insulin. Due to the genetic engineering, we can now make a lot of these proteins.
Genetic engineering means transferring genes from one type of cell to another…

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Process of Genetic Engineering


Fossils are the preserved remains of animals and plants from millions of years ago
Fossils are formed by:
~Due to the denser, harder parts of organisms not decaying [e.g. bones, teeth and scales] are instead
buried by sediment and are gradually transformed to rock.…

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-Exposure to ionising radiation [see Physics section] e.g. UV light, X-rays and radiation from radioactive
substances. The more intense the radiation, the greater the chance of mutation
- Certain chemicals can cause mutations
*Evolution is the gradual change in the characteristics of a species over time.
Evolution is a…

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Herbicides Pesticides


Water Fertiliser

Toxic chemicals

Smoke Gases

>>Acid Rain

Burning fossil fuels may release sulphur dioxide & nitrogen oxides. These gases dissolve in rain making
it more acidic.

Acidic rain can: ~cause
trees to lose all their leaves ~increases acidic
pH of lakes and rivers…

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-causes carbon dioxide to be released to the atmosphere due to combustion and the action of microbes.
-Less trees available to absorb carbon dioxide and produce oxygen and therefore, less carbon dioxide is
removed from the atmosphere by photosynthesis.


Results from too many fertilisers being washed from the soil…

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>>Sample Question time!!!!!! That's not too exciting but... I don't know...

This question considers adaptation. Okay, so what if I'm doing multiple choices? This thing will help me
for sure! I think.

The vole is a small mouse like animal. Voles found on some cold islands to the North of…

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Who tells you that you have the right to cheat? Nonsense what cheek! You even look for a
flicker and well, I can definitely not do something about it!!!

Adaptation and Competition

1. Name 3 physical factors that affect organisms.
2. Why do polar bears have a thick coat and…


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