GCSE B1 Notes

These are Biology notes for B1 Core, Yr 10 exams for AQA (csn also be used for triple) 

This document was written from the LONGMAN AQA GCSE Biology and includes images from other GCSE books 

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Biology Notes
Year 10
Shortened forms:
Metabolic rate ­ MB
Blood cholesterol levels ­ BCL
Bacteria B
Virus / Viruses V
White blood cell WBC
Antibiotics ­ AB
Characteristic(s) ­ CH

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Safety procedures need to be followed so that harmful microbes don't enter the strain you are growing and
reproduce. (greater health risk if a single cell)
Uncontaminated cultures are prepared by using sterile or aseptic equipment
Pressurised steam used to serialise glassware and culture media in an auto clave ­ 121°C for 15min
Petri dishes sterilised ­ ultraviolet, ionising radiation
Until lid is opened, Petri dishes remain sterilised
Safety first
Follow safety procedures (e.g.…read more


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