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Studies to use in research
Milgram Rosenthal
Lab Experiment Field Experiment
Rosenhan Zimbardo
Field Experiment Lab Experiment…read more

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Milgram's study of obedience to
· Milgram did his study where he focused on
obedience and authority between a teacher
and a learner.
· The volunteers was given the role of a teacher
and a learner. The teacher thought the learner
was just another volunteer within the
experiment and wasn't told that the shocks
they will be giving to the learner are not real.
· The teacher had to go into a separate room to
the learner and had to read a question with a
multiple answer choice out loud through the
microphone. If the learner got the question
wrong or didn't answer the question at all their
punishment would be to have the volt of the
electric shock increased.…read more

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Rosenthal and Jacobson study of
Pygmalion in the classroom
· Rosenthal went into a school and
visited classrooms to do a new IQ test
on 20% of an age group.
· Teachers was informed about the IQ
test and which students were likely to
become high achievers but what the
teacher didn't know was that the
names of all the children they was told
was going to be high achievers were
all randomly selected.
· The researchers then came back to
the school 18 months later to see how
well the named children had done and
found they had improved significantly.…read more

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Zimbardo study of human
· Zimbardo did his study within a stimulated
prison where 24 volunteers was selected at
random and was assigned a role of the
guard or the prisoner. All the guards was
told was that the research they was doing
will be in the best interest of the prisoners.
· Within the research five prisoners had to
be released because of emotional
depression and trauma the experiment had
upon them.
· The experiment was supposed to have
lasted 2 weeks but had to be called off
after just 6 days.
· Zimbardo found that the guards enjoyed
the power over the prisoners and abused
this.…read more

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Rosenhan's study on being sane
in insane places
· Did his study based on eight false patients
with false identifies who went around
America to 12 different mental institutions.
· The patients all complained they was
hearing voices and was diagnosed straight
away with having schizophrenia.
· The patients as part of the experiment had
to each stay in the hospital for 19 days and
behaved how they would normally act.
· Rosenhan found that when they repeated
the study and informed them of the
experiment. 1/5 were of false patients but
none of them had actually been sent to a
mental institution…read more

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What the Ethical issues are
used in the studies?
Rosenthal & Jacobson;
· Deception ­ The teacher was lied to about the true level of
the learners
· Consent ­ although researchers were given consent to go
into the school they didn't use informed consent about the
names being selected at random.
· Consent - Participant didn't give informed consent about the
· Deception ­ volunteers was lied to about the research this
was because the teachers was made to believe they was
actually giving the learner an electric shock.
· Psychological harm ­ even though debriefing occurred the
participant had to with the knowledge that they would've
potentially killed someone.…read more

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