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Research Methods - RRV PETT description

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  • Research Methods
    • RRV PETT
      • P - Practical Factors
        • e.g. time, money, access, availability, skills of research
      • E - Ethical Factors
        • Risk of breaking moral guidelines e.g. deception, invasion of privacy, harm, confidentiality
      • V - Validity
        • Data collected is accurate about the lives of those being studied
      • T - Theoretical Factors
        • Positivism versus interpretivism
      • R - Representativeness
        • When you can take the results from your study of a sample and apply them to the wider population
      • T - Triangulation
        • Using more than one (not necessarily 3) research M to improve your main research method's chances of achieving RRV
      • R - Reliability
        • When someone else could repeat the research and gets the same findings - so the results are not down to the values and bids of the researcher


sophie toghill


This was really helpful! My teacher came up with an acronym for these.. (PERVERTT) slightly wierd, but it helps to remember it! The second E stands for 'economics' so if its cheap/expensive etc! :)

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