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Structure of blood
GCSE Applied Science
Life Care…read more

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· Functions of blood
­ Carries oxygen and nutrients to all your
­ Removes wastes such as carbon dioxide and
­ Transports hormones
­ Helps to regulate the body's temperature and
water content…read more

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Structure of blood…read more

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Structure of blood
Plasma Red blood cells
White blood cells platelets…read more

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The parts of blood
· Red blood cells
­ Contain the red pigment
haemoglobin that carries
­ Biconcave shape increases
surface area so gas exchange is
more efficient.
­ No nucleus so more room for
· Plasma
­ A pale yellow watery fluid
containing nutrients, hormones
and proteins…read more

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The parts of blood
· White blood cells
­ Various shapes
­ Have a nucleus
­ Defend against infection
­ More wbc in blood when you have an infection.
· Platelets
­ Small fragments of cells involved in blood clotting.
­ Clotting is important in stopping the flow of blood after an
injury.…read more

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