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GCSE Applied Science ­ Life care ­ Scientific Knowledge
Female reproductive system and pregnancy
Ovary Produces the egg cells, one
every month
Fallopian tube Egg travels down this on its
(oviduct) way to the uterus,
fertilisation takes place here
Uterus The foetus develops here
Cervix The opening of the uterus,…

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What can they show? How well the baby is growing, the sex of the baby (18+ weeks), the heartbeat of the
Why are they used instead of X-Rays? X-rays can damage the foetus as the radioactivity can affect the
DNA. They show soft tissues very well and cause no…

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The blood pressure when all the parts of the heart muscle are relaxed and the heart is filling with
blood diastolic
A disease where there is an excessive excretion of urine. Diabetes
Blood cells containing haemoglobin. Red
Cell fragments found in blood. Platelets
A muscle sample of this is taken…


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