Stress Rap for Psychology

Just a simple little silly stress rap for all those struggling with psychology.

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Psychology Rap
When acute stress is in your way
The hypothalamus detects it
And the SNS is activated
So all your organs go up a bit
Then comes in the adrenal medulla
And noradrenaline's released
This goes into your bloodstream
And organ activity's increased
This prepares you for fight or flight
Your pupil size increases
Your heart starts pumping more oxygen
And your testicle size decreases
With chronic stress it's the HPA
The hypothalamus is the detector
And CRF comes out to play
And goes to the pituitary sector
The pituitary gland releases ACTH
Which travels to the adrenal cortex
This releases the cortisol
Which spins into some kind of vortex
It reduces the amount of adrenaline
But too much can have a bad effect
Your immune system is affected
An infection you can expect


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