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Psychology As level
Unit 2
(Stress, Conformity, Abnormality)…read more

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Pg 3 ­ 14 Stress
Pg 15 ­ 27 Conformity
Pg 28 ­ 44 Abnormality…read more

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Stress Key topics
you need to
> Bodily response
> Immune system
> Stress and Life events
> Stress and Daily hassles
> Stress in the workplace
> Stress and Personality
> Stress managememt…read more

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Bodily response
Pituitary Autonomic Nervous gland
System (ANS) ­
stimulates Sympathetic
releases adrenal adrenal System
ACTH cortex medulla
releases adrenaline + noradrenaline
increased heart rate
energy and blood flow
FIGHT/FLIGHT…read more

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Bodily responce
Hans Selye (1956) ­ General Adaption Syndrome (GAS)
(fight/ body we develop
flight) `normalises' `diseases of
but we are now adaption' -
vulnerable stress related
a) if stressor illnesses
has gone
b) if stressor
remains…read more

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How stress effects the immune
Kiecolt ­ Glaser et al (1995) Cohen et al (1984)
A01 ­ quick wounds heal Ao1- common cold virus
-13 women carers plus 13 -394 pp's, questionnaire and
(non-carers) control group exposed to common cold
-punch biopsy, dressed and -after 7 days, developed
Treated by same nurse clinical colds recorded
~carers took average of 9 ~failure to fight infection
Longer to heal linked to high stress scores
A02- A02 ­
Pros Cons Pros Cons
Cause + effect small sample questionnaires ethics
Occurs naturally ethics the same=controlled indirect study…read more

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This PPT provides a very useful summary of the key material for PSYA2...very handy for AQA(a) students!

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