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Biological Psychology- Stress
Psychology…read more

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Body's response to stress
There are 2 main routes for the body's response:
Acute and Chronic…read more

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Acute response, ST- Sympathomedullary
Influence of SNS and adrenal medulla prepares the body for the flight or fight response when
faced with an acute stressor.
ANS- autonomic part of the nervous system
SNS- arouses the animal/human to be ready for the fight or flight response
SAM- regulated by SNS and adrenal medulla
PNS- returns the person to a state of relaxation
Nor-adrenaline- neurotransmitter released by SNS to activate internal body organs.
Adrenaline- released be SAM though the body preparing it for flight or fight
Effects of SNS activation:
Increased heart rate LEADS TO coronary heart disease
Increased blood pressure LEADS TO hypertension
Disturbance of the digestive system LEADS TO stomach ulcers…read more

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Acute response, ST- Sympathomedullary…read more

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Chronic response, LT- pituitary adrenal
Stress response system, involving the hypothalamus, pituitary gland and
adrenal cortex.
Hypothalamus- control system for most of the body's hormonal systems
Pituitary gland- CRF causes it to produce ACTH which is transported to
adrenal glands
Adrenal cortex- releases cortisol
CRF- chemical message released in response to stressor
ACTH ­ released by pituitary gland
Cortisol- positive (energy) and negative (increased blood pressure) stress
related facts…read more

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Chronic response, LT- pituitary adrenal…read more

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