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Biological Psychology
Stress: when there's an imbalance between perceived demands and perceived
coping resources then a state of stress exists.

-immune system has 2 subdivisions:
Natural immunity:
-white blood in the blood stream
-these attack, ingest any invading pathogens
-eg viruses and bacteria
-fast acting

specific immunity:
-cells called lymphocytes…

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Life changes: are major life events such as marriage, serious illness or death of
a partner.

Holmes and Rahe ­ 1967
*394 pp
*assessed their personal impact on stress value of 43 life events
-death of a spouse was rated as most impact = 100 value
-adding up the values…

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-found that pps were 1.5 times more likely to have a heart disease

-cant be generalized = office workers only
+large sample used

Johansson et al 1978

Type A & B Behaviour Patterns
Type A:
-time pressured
always working to deadlines
unhappy doing nothing

high achieving
playing to…

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-you are control of events in your own life
-purpose of life
-life events seen as opportunities rather than stress sources

Kobasa et al 1985
*used questionnaires to assess 3c's
*also assessed levels of physical exercise & social support

-higher score on 3c's lower levels of stress…

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-it takes time, motivation && money = not suitable for everyone
+provides a long term solution
+supported by other researchers

Drugs: Physiological method of stress management
-act in brain on pathways
-use neurotransmitter serotonin
-reduces feelings of anxiety and stress

Beta Blockers:
-have direct action to the heart and…


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