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Essay On How Steinbeck Creates A Vivid Sense Of Setting In The Extract
Steinbeck creates a vivid sense of setting in the extract by describing the setting to the
reader quite thoroughly. There are many ways Steinbeck does this with personification
and onomatopoeia and many more language devices.
What I am going to do is I will start from the very beginning of the extract and work my
way through and I will try to answer the question as I go along.
Steinbeck starts the very book with a sentence which says "a few miles south of
Soledad" which is the Spanish word for loneliness. This in a persons mind makes them
think of a barren place with no life and is very silent. So by saying a few miles south of
Soledad Steinbeck is implying that the area being described is desolate and devoid of life.
Next there is a quote which says "deep and green" which is where the river is being
described. This makes the river seem quite inviting at first, but the more one thinks
about the colour of the water, the more it seems to be stagnant and poisonous for
clean water should be clear. So although the Salinas River sounds good at first, it is the
opposite. However if this river is applied to my first quote of Soledad and where I said
the place was lonely and devoid of life, it could be a desert and the Salinas River could be
an oasis which makes the place seem more safe and welcoming. To back up my point
that the place is a desert or a very hot place of some sort, the extract says "for it has
slipped twinkling over the yellow sands." This quote seems to make the place seem very
inviting and pretty because "twinkling" gives the Salinas River a heavenly quality and
maybe it seems to make the water seem precious, just like jewels twinkle, so could the
river which backs up the idea of a precious oasis.
In the extract, there is a quote which says "the strong and rocky Gabilan Mountains"
which gives the place or desert a much more threatening nature. The mountains could
also be a blot to the beauty of the place described by the extract.
The extract also contains a quote saying "fresh and green with every spring," which is
referring to the willows and trees which suggests that the place is not a desert but of a
little forest. This seems to make the forest seem more alive to a person because it
descries the life cycle which suggests life and birth and death. So this doesn't give the
place a "dead" sort of outlook but more of a lively and fresh environment.
"Branches that arch over the pool." This quote really seems to make the place being
described seem much more heavenly because it helps to show that the place is very
idyllic and natural, and it seems like a virgin place at the moment, an it is untouched by
man, because there is no information so far in the extract to suggest that man has been
in this place. In ones mind, limbs arching over a pool seem to be a very tranquil and calm
place, so Steinbeck is showing that the place is very calm.
Steinbeck also provides descriptions of animals inhabiting the place


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