Of Mice and Men

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  • Steinbeck's use of language and how tension is created
    • The repetition of silence symbolizes.....
      • This has a dramatic effect on the reader:
        • They know something dramatic is going to happen.
          • Foreshadowing
            • Steinbeck the actions of all the characters
              • words like " rippled, nervously and snapping noise"
                • The use of onomatopoeia convey the significance of the tension that is happening.
    • paragraph 2
      • Steinbeck is emphasising the silence as a presence
  • Steinbeck begins the passage
    • Personification- when Steinbeck presents Carlson.
      • Adds to the mystery of the passage.
        • Also describes the silence as a presence.
          • Steinbeck is linking the silence to what is happening in that fixed moment in time.
  • "invaded the room"
    • The use of personification creates a dramatic build up towards Candy's dog being.
  • Creates an atmosphere of suspense.
    • Creates an image in the readers mind
  • Creates an image of nothing be heard but the dramatic tension that can be seen throughout this passage.
    • A dramatic tense atmosphere that this passage is building up to throughout.


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