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Sports Drinks…read more

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Sports Drinks
· Sports drinks have become very popular
recently and there are many different brands
on the market.
· The main functions of sports drinks:
­ Providing fuel (carbohydrates) for exercise.
­ Maintaining the balance of ions in the blood.
­ Maintaining hydration.…read more

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Go m
Choosing a sports drink
· Choosing the most appropriate drink from
the huge range available can be difficult.
· Talk to your partner and decide on the
aspects of a sports drink which might be
important when making your choice.
Hi 5
Isost de
ar…read more

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A survey into sports drink choices
produced the following results:…read more

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The Perfect Sports Drink
· The right amount of carbohydrate-6%
· The right mix of carbohydrate-
combination of sucrose, glucose and
· The right amount of sodium-at least
· Lightly sweetened, lightly flavoured
· Non-carbonated, no caffeine…read more

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Testing the Effectiveness of
Sports Drinks
· Design an investigation into the
following questions:
­ Do sports drinks work?
­ Which sports drinks are most effective?…read more


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