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V-lookup (vertical lookup)

Looks up values of a cell vertically in a table.
Displays the data corresponding to the cell of selected and the chosen
The formula is "=vlookup(look up value ,table, column number)"

Condition Formatting

Allows you to change the appearance of cell depending on certain conditions
Highlights your…

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Data Validation Rule


Validation rule lets you provide a
message to help users who input data
that is not valid.

- This restricts what users can enter as it requires specific value

Link Sheet

1) Click the cell where you would like to link the information and type

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menu bar then data validation on the ribbon

2) Then select list on the allow option.

3) Select your source. This is what options you would like your user to choose from. In this case the options are
food so I highlight the table of different food available and press…


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