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  • Software
    • Sources of Information
      • -Information can be retrieved from a number of sources for many purposes.
        • Disks or memory sticks.
        • CD-ROMS and DVDS
        • Databases
        • Websites
    • Purpose and use of applications software
      • Word processors to write anything.
      • Desktop publishers to manipulate text/images for posters etc.
      • Presentation software to produce slides.
      • Spreadsheets to perform calculations using formulas.
      • Databases to sort and storing data to perform reports etc.
    • Using ICT for learning disabilities
      • Improve reading and writing skills.
      • Basic math skills.
      • Accessing a computer if the user has visual impairment.
      • Improve typing skills by using predictive text.
      • Some software for this are:
        • Desktop environments- customisable so that those with visual or motor impairments can use it.
        • Concept keyboards - sensitive boards which have special overlays that help the handicapped to input data.
        • Voice recognition software - using a microphone to perform commands.
        • Text-to-voice software - those who have difficulty seeing the screen can hear what it says on the screen instead.
        • Braille keyboards - the raised dots allow the blind who can read braille to type.
        • Touch sensitive data entry devices - Touch screens for example.


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