Shops Vocab

English                        Spanish                                        Clue                                                                              

butchers                        la carnicería                                  N/A

sweet shop                   la confitería                          

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Spanish shop vocab-GCSE

English                          Spanish                               Clue

butchers                        la carnicería                          N/A

sweet shop                    la confitería                           N/A

chemist                         la droguería                          DRug

department store          los grandes almacenes          N/A

jewellers                       la joyería                                 N/A

toy shop                        la juguetería                         JUGar

bookshop                      la librería                              LIBRo

market                          el mercado                             N/A

bakers                          la panadería                           N/A

stationers                     la papelería                          PAPEr

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English      Spanish       Clue

cake shop  la pastelería  PASTEL

hairdressers  la peluquería  PELlo

perfume shop  la perfumería  PERFUMe

fish mongers  la pescadería  PESCADo

supermarket  el supermercado  SUPER(MERCADO=MARKET)

grocers  la tienda de comestibles  shop of food

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Jamal Vahedi


Ugh aint a droguería a hard ware store

Ms Casas


A good set of flashcards that will help you to revise some basic vocabulary related to the topic "Shopping". Combine these cards with "Spanish - Fruit, Vegetables and Shopping" (, "Spanish vocabulary - clothes, materials and colours"( and "The shopping center - El centro comercial" ( You will have a great set of revision cards. 

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