Spanish Vocab

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SpanishEnglish bastante sufficient, enough, quite comparar to compare demasiado too, too much igual que same as más (que) more (than) mayor main, major, larger, bigger, greater mayoría, la most, majority mejor better, best menor smaller, less, least menos (que) less (than) mismo same muy very parecido a like, similar to peor worse, worst poco (eg poco ruidoso) not very tan … como as … as tanto … como as much … as

Students will also be expected to know comparatives and superlatives of the above adjectives and adverbs.


SpanishEnglish a pesar de in spite of, despite así que so, therefore aun (si) even (if) aunque although, (even) though como as, since cuando when incluso even mientras (que) while, meanwhile o/u or pero but por eso for that reason, therefore por lo tanto therefore porque because pues then, since si if sin embargo however tal vez maybe, perhaps también also ya (que) as, since


SpanishEnglish además moreover, besides aparte de apart from claro que of course dado que given that es decir in other words…


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