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Spanish Key Words+Phrases
Si - Yes No - No
Por favor - Please Gracias - Thank you Muchas gracias - Thank you very much
De nada - You're welcome
Lo siento - I'm sorry
Habla despacio por favor - Please speak slowly Más despacio - More slowly No te entiendo - I
don't understand you
No hablo español - I don't speak Spanish Hablo un poquito de español - I speak a little bit of
Spanish Yo hablo español - I speak Spanish Yo se hablar español - I know how to speak Spanish
Hablas ingles? - Do you speak English?
Como te llamas? - What is your name? Me llamo (name) - My name is (name) Yo soy (name) -
I am (name)
Perdoneme - Pardon me Me ayudas? - Can you help me? Puedes ayudarme por favor? - Can
you help me please?
Como estas? - How are you? Estoy bien - I'm fine
Ten cuidado - Be careful
Ay bendito! - Oh no! No puede ser! - It cannot be! No es bueno! - This is not good!
Donde es... - Where is... Donde esta el baño? - Where is the bathroom?
Que hora es? - What time is it? Que hora tienes? - What time is it?
Que edad tienes? - How old are you?
Cual es tu numero de telefono? - What is your phone number? Mi numero es (number) - My number
is (number) Llámame - Call me
Tiene novia/novio? - Do you have a girlfriend/boyfriend? Soy casado - I'm married
Soy de (place) - I come from (place)


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