Sociology Revision Notes - Reigion and Social Action theory

Notes on Religion and Social Action for AQA Sociology A2

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Sociology Revision Notes ­ Social Action:
Max Weber:
o Theodicy ­ How people explain evil in the world
o Theodicy of Privilege or non-privilege ­ How people explain why
some people "have all the luck", or peoples position within
o Legitimacy ­ How people explain how other people have the
power to tell them what to do
o Three types of Legitimacy:
Traditional, hereditary authority
Charismatic authority
Rational ­ Legal authority
o Disenchantment ­ society has become more rational, religion
has lost its significance
o Desacrilisation ­ Disenchantment leads to Desacrilisation,
meanings now come from science and logical thought rather
than religion
Peter Berger:
o Universe of Meaning ­ religion categorizes the world into the
sacred and the secular, the moral and evil. It provides people
with a set of beliefs and ethical codes that become part of their
everyday knowledge.
o Sacred Canopy ­ the ideas which makeup the universe of
meaning provide stability to society in the face of chaos
o Plausibility Structures ­Set of social institutions and social
networks whose functioning make belief plausible


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