Sociology Revision Notes - Social Change

AQA Sociology, A-Level, Religion - Social Change

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Sociology Revision Notes - Social Change:
Religion causes social change:
o Otto Maduro ­ Liberation Theologies:
Burman peasants confront Indian army
Rev. Martin Luther King
Archbishop Desmond Tutu ­ ending of apartheid in South
o Weber:
Calvinism ­ Protestant ethic and capitalism
Encourage upwards social mobility
Society Changes and Religion responds:
o Madeline Bunting ­ D.I.Y Cocktail
o Allowing female priests
o Actions of Liverpool bishops ­ protestant and catholic joining
forces due to mass unemployment
o Religious Terrorism
o Fundamentalism ­ no certainties in society so people turn to
o Sects ­ Moonies
o Cults ­ Falun Gong
Religion holds back Social Change:
o Marx ­ "opium of the people"
o Functionalism:
Re-establishes social change
Collective Conscience
o Halevy:
Rise of Methodism
No Revolution in Britain
o Forbidding women leaders
o Not accepting divorce or co-habitation


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