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Norms Values Identity
· Unwritten rules of society · What society believes is · How we see ourselves/
that deem acceptable important and morals How others see us
Status Ascribed Status Achieved Status
· The amount of prestige a · Social characteristics a · Position earned by efforts
person has from there person is born with and achievement
position in society
Role Role Conflict Culture
· A part you play with its · Demands and expectation · The way of life for society
associated norms and of one roles you have
values clash with another
Cultural Diversity Subculture
· Differences between · A smaller culture within a
cultures culture with its own set of
norms and values…read more

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Socialisation Agents of Manipulation Hidden Curriculum
· The process of learning Socialisation · Parents directly · Day to Day things life
norms and values as well · Institutions or groups encouraging Canalisation lessons school teaches us
as correct behavior responsible for teaching that aren't part of the
norms and values formal curriculum
Social Control Negative Sanctions Positive Sanctions
· Methods used in · Punishment to prevent bad · Rewards to encourage Informal Social
socialization to make a behavior good behavior Formal Social Control
person conform Control
Patriarchy Sexuality Stereotype Femininity Masculinity…read more


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