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Emily Ormesby

Sociology as a Science
`Assess the view that sociology should and can model itself on the natural sciences'
Many theorists and sociologists are in dispute over whether sociology should be regarded as
a science or not. Debates stem from the argument of whether sociology follows a set of…

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Emily Ormesby

make their own choices for example, when we see a red light our natural reaction is to stop
because this is something we have learned through societal norms. This therefore cannot be
viewed through scientific reasoning as it has occurred through human beings free will and
choices which…

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Emily Ormesby

scientists accept this paradigm and publish work incorporating this paradigm, for example it
was largely accepted that the world is flat and this paradigm was met with acceptance and
conformity. Kuhn argues that this is the case because failing to accept the paradigm could
lead to scientists having…


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